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Clifton Merchant Magazine is now almost in its third decade of publishing on the first Friday of every month.
Typically 80 to 100 pages filled with original and well-written stories matched with sharp photos of Clifton people and Clifton businesses, we have grown and evolved with our hometown.
In short, Clifton Magazine keeps our community connected.
We do it with good news stories and great photos supported by advertisements by Clifton businesses, professional firms and personal messages.  That’s why we are called Clifton’s Storyteller.

Why Clifton Merchant Magazine?

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Brand Recognition

Clifton Merchant Magazine has been the pulse of the city it serves for nearly 30 years. With a print run of 16,000 being distributed to merchants around town, you’re sure to get in the hands of potential clients.

Loyal Readership

From large chain businesses to small corner stores, you’re lucky to get a copy if you wait too long to pick one up. Find yourself inside the engaging Stories, Features and Profiles published every month, not found in any other publication.

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